An organization that prioritizes
responsiveness. A methodology
that accounts for the professional
specificities of each client.

Our expertise at the service of our clients

Our presence on site

ACOBAL always provides on-site support for the implementation of its solutions

  • Methodical needs assessment 
  • Accurate analysis of the upstream process to detect potential sources of corrosion 
  • Packaging engineering advice 
  • Summary and recommendations

Our European research and application center

Our work focuses:

  • Identifying new inhibitors and support media 
  • Simulation in climatic enclosures 
  • Achieving compatibility with process fluids 
  • Part surface analysis 
  • Identifying the causes of corrosion

South America

Product management

Our active corrosion prevention products are all patented and the result of our own R&D. 

All our products are controlled using a TÜV certified procedure. The traceability of each production batch is ensured via identification, logging and inspection. 

In addition, all flexible support media are formulated and validated by standardized mechanical stress tests.

International federation 

The worldwide presence of our Zerust-Excor brands enables us to participate in the international development of our clients' projects.