VCI applications

  • For work-in-progress solutions (short and
  • For storage and shipment (medium and

Products concerned:

  • Pig or cast iron 
  • Mechanical parts 
  • Steel industry products 
  • Assemblies (engine) 
  • Electric and electronic components

South America

Technical support and expertise

Packaging engineering and process audit service 

Our specialists in Packaging Engineering are on hand to assist you with the definition and design of your packaging. Our aim is to propose you a solution adapted to your technical and economic requirements.  

Tests in industrial conditions 

To confirm the effectiveness of the Zerust® or Gardac® solutions tailored to your needs, we can install devices to record humidity and temperature levels within the packaging itself to measure the actual climatic variations suffered by a given part during dispatch and transit.  

Enclosed climatic variation tests 

The solution proposed can also be evaluated in a climatic enclosure. The battery of enclosure tests can be completed by metallurgical and electrochemical analyses, and by compatibility tests between the process liquids and the chemistry of our VCI.  

The European Zerust-Excor research and application center 

Our European research and application center in Dresden, Germany is staffed by employees with competencies in metallurgy, electrochemistry, polymers, analytical chemistry and packaging engineering.

Our laboratory systematically analysis the performance of our products.